Third Grade 3°

The Teacher´s Guide for third grade is a pedagogical resource that orients and enriches the planning process and the implementation of the new English Curriculum. It includes videos, activities and resources to develop each of the units of the Third grade Program.


Unit #1


Unit 1 Dialogs

Unit 1. Family Chores.

Unit 1. Things I like to do to help my family

Unit 1. Can you help me?

Unit 1. Where is the broom?

Unit #2


Unit 2 Dialogs

Unit 2. What is there to celebrate?

Unit 2.My family´s special dates

Unit 2.When is your birthday

Unit 2.Sharing family celebrations

Unit #3


Unit 3 Dialogs

Unit 3. Is he the cashier or the clerk

Unit 3. Going to a store

Unit 3. Where do I get some fresh vegetables?

Unit 3.How much does it cost?

Unit #4


Unit 4 Dialogs

Unit 4. A day in my community

Unit 4. Help! I need a pair of shoes

Unit 4. Walk this way

Unit 4. Step by step directions

Unit #5


Unit 5 Dialogs

Unit 5. Let´s go outside

Unit 5. Indoor fun on a rainy day.

Unit 5. Come on! Make up your mind.

Unit 5. Are you ready to have fun?

Unit #6


Unit 6 Dialogs

Unit 6. Costa Rica: a diverse country

Unit 6. Where can I go?

Unit 6. How will I get there?

Unit 6. Exploring Costa Rica: no better places to be